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"Boo Flu!"
The Flu Makes Me Sick ...
and Sad
A Flu Shot, and a Band-Aid
I Wash My Hands
What Kids Are Saying
Cheyce age 4
"If the flu were an animal, it would be a fox because foxes bite."

Kamron age 4
"I blow my nose into a tissue so germs won't get on my hands!"

Sophie age 5
"The band-aid after the shot makes the hurt go away."

Christian age 4
"The shot won't hurt. Then you're all done."

Logan age 4
"I wash my hands so my brother won't get sick because he's a brand new baby."

Jake age 5
"You sneeze a lot [when you are sick]. It makes you look like you have a red nose."

Madyson age 4
"When I got a shot, it hurt. I said ouch. I said my ABC's and counted to 10 and then it was already finished and I had a band-aid."

Leah age 4
"Once I got a shot and a band-aid. It felt kind of good since they had colorful ones."

Ray age 4
"I got two shots and two band-aids!"
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