Cleaning & Disinfecting: Spooked by the flu virus? We can help.
Where is the Flu Virus Hiding in Your House?
A recent study found a strain of the flu virus was present on 60% of common household items in homes with just one sick child.

The Top 5 Germ Hot Spots Are: 1. Phone receivers 2. Refigerator, microwave and door handles 3. Kitchen faucets 4. Light switches 5. TV remotes

Did you know that germs and viruses can contaminate most common household surfaces? Don't worry! Flu disinfectant products can help. When shopping for cleaning products, choose sprays and wipes that are labeled "disinfectant" because they can be designed to kill a broad spectrum of harmful bacteria and viruses like the flu that other cleaners cannot. Check the label to ensure your disinfectant product kills the flu virus.

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Clorox makes a complete line of disinfectant products that can effectively kill 99.9% of germs that cause the flu.
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